Making a career of conservation


 About Nina 
 and Ellie 
We are Ellie and Nina, a climber from Yorkshire, and a sailor from Hampshire.
Through a mutual love for the environment and the outdoors we met in 2019 at Plymouth University, where we study Conservation Biology. We are keen to do our bit to prevent our world from being further damaged, feeling that the value we place on nature should be shared as much as possible.
The idea to sell art as a way to raise money for conservation came from another shared passion for drawing and painting. Being students with limited free time, we've decided to make our hobbies count towards the thing we consider the most important; the environment.
We hope that by buying our art you know you're doing a little bit for conservation and you'll keep something to remember that by.

© 2020 By Nina Radford and Ellie Hawcutt