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Beach Cleaning on Hayling Island

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Most people are aware that plastic pollution is a major environmental problem, whether or not they apply it to their own back garden is a different matter. Yesterday we tried to amend the disconnection the best way we know how… a beach clean.

Grabbing a couple friends, bin bags, litter pickers, gloves, and some snacks, we headed over to Hayling Island sea front. In case you’ve never done a beach clean before, they are really easy and actually super satisfying. However, the small thrill of finding a litter gold mine is tainted by the fact that people left all that rubbish there without a second thought on the effect it will have on the fragile ecosystem it resides in. We found a whole disposable BBQ, socks, the remains of an entire lunch shoved under a sea kale (shame on you), plenty of water bottles and countless other little bits and bobs that aren’t supposed to be there. Four bin bags full, in fact.

All that in just two hours.

We had lots of fun and in the process, we did a little something good for the environment. If you can get a few mates together and get down the beach yourself, we would 10/10 recommend it… maybe just pick a less windy day.

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