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Seal Watching at Sunrise

What a morning! We woke up at 4am on my parent’s yacht in Langstone Harbour, layered up and cast off. With the kettle on we set off on our hunt for seals. You don’t always have to get up at 4am to see these guys, your best chance for a sighting is at low tide when they haul out on the mud flats. Unfortunately for us that had to be in the early hours of the morning because the weather was deteriorating before the next low tide.

By the time we spotted our first seal we had tea in our hands, the pup was hauled out waiting for his mum to come back with some breakfast.

Our next sighting was a mother and pup that looked to be ignoring the Oyster Catchers frantically running around them.

So far, we’d only seen Common Seals but we were in luck when a big Grey Seal popped up next to the boat to check us out. Despite their name Common Seals are actually less abundant than Grey Seals, you can tell the difference by their face shape; Common Seals look more like puppies and appear more smiley while Grey Seals have longer faces with a ‘roman nose’ profile. Our Grey Seal friend hung about watching us for a while but not wanting to hang about and disturb nature for too long we headed to a mooring for some breakfast.

A brie and bacon muffin latter, another seal had hauled out next to us. Sailing back, we watched a Little Egret running along the shore catching little fish as he went. Watching shore feeders like the Oyster Catchers and Little Egrets sprinting from one snack to the next is very entertaining, you can almost see the frenzy in their eyes.

A couple bonus pictures of Cormorants in the sunset the night before.

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