• Nina

The Making of Fixing the Earth

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

When I’m asked what I study at uni, the reply ‘Conservation biology’ is always followed by ‘What’s that?’. I’ll clear it up for you right now. It’s a study of the biology and the scientific tools we can use to preserve and protect it.

Not many people seem to consider conservation biology a career, instead just something you donate your money to, but who do you think runs Non Government Organisation's like the WWF? Who does the field work? The breeding programs? The fund raising? The research? Right now, the next generation of conservation biologists are sitting in lecture theaters and labs, with big dreams about where they might be and what they might be doing in a few years time. That next generation are getting their education in a time where climate crisis is a hot topic, Extinction Rebellion is marching the streets and there is a genuine threat that their children might never see the species alive today. Now they're more fired up than ever.

We have an idea about what we can do right now, and you're reading about it. Using our hobby of art to raise money, we are doing what we can to save what we love.

Hopefully, with your support, we will be able to get there.

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